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Crusher Series Description:

Crusher is suitable for crushing different types of soft and hard plastics, crushing blocks, balls, strips and nozzle materials into particles. In the plastic industry, it plays an important role in the rapid processing and recycling of plastic defective products, waste products and nozzle materials. function, improving the utilization rate of plastics.


Characteristics of Crusher:

1. Split body makes tool replacement simple and quick.
2. The movable tool is specially designed. There is no need to adjust the gap between the blades after sharpening. It is more convenient to disassemble. The unique crushing chamber design can be replaced to crush a wider range of waste materials. It is also suitable for crushing thin materials such as films.
3. External bearing seat prevents dust from entering the bearing and extends the service life of the machine.
4. The feeding hopper and upper box are opened electrically, which is smooth and labor-saving.
5. The motor is equipped with overload protection to protect the safety of the motor.
6. Install shock-absorbing feet to reduce vibration noise.

Crusher Model Parameters:

Model SNSPC-300 SNSPC-400 SNSPC-500 SNSPC-600 SNSPC-800
Motor Power 5.5 7.5 11 15 22/30
Rotor diameter 220 220 280 300 420
Rotor width 530 630 830 1030 1230
Tool holder type claw knife Straight knife claw knife Straight knife claw knife Straight knife claw knife Straight knife claw knife Straight knife
Number of knives 9 3 12 3 15 6 18 6 21 6
Number of fixed knives 2 2 2 4 4
Feeding port size 310*200 410*235 520*290 610*320 830*470
Screen aperture 8 8 10 12 12
Dimensions 1030*720*1400 1030*840*1400 1320*1010*1830 1320*1150*1830 1750*1500*2300
Weight 450 500 850 1100 2200

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