HDPE Bottle Washing Recycling Pelletizing Line Solution

HDPE Bottle Recycling Can Turn Used And Dirty HDPE Bottles Into Clean Plastic Bottle Flakes Through Crushing, Cleaning And Drying.
HDPE bottle recycling machine is plastic bottle recycling equipment, which is used to recycle discarded HDPE plastic bottles, plastic frames, plastic buckets. Such as plastic milk bottles, shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, PE drinking bottles, plastic basins, plastic buckets, etc. etc. HDPE plastic bottle recycling can turn waste and dirty HDPE plastic into clean plastic sheets through crushing, cleaning and drying.

HDPE Bottle Recycling Technological Process

Bottle Conveying → Crusher → Floating Washing → Hot Washer → Friction Washer → Dewatering → Drying → Dust Remover → Flakes Packing

Belt Conveyor
Floating Washing
Hot Washer
Friction Washer
Flakes Packing

HDPE Bottle Washing Recycling Line Technical Parameters

Capacity(kg/h) Labour Steam requirement(kg/h) Water consumption(M3/h)
1000 5 510
2000 6 790 2.9
3000 7 1010 2.8
After cleaning the plastic bottle flakes, you can make them into pellets/granules in the next step, using a plastic granulator. Additionally, you can use the clean pellets directly. HDPE recycled material can be used to produce plastic pipes, plastic paper, plastic sheets, Plastic cans etc.

HDPE Bottle Recycling Line Standalone Machinery

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