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Product Description:

The layer-by-layer automatic unpacking machine automatically transports the entire pallet of bags to the grabbing area of the unpacking machine through the roller conveyor line. The grabbing mechanism of the unpacking machine descends to grab the entire layer of bags layer by layer, and then lifts and moves the entire layer horizontally. The bag is bagged, the cutting knife device breaks the bag, the material emptying device empties the material in the bag, the material falls into the lower hopper by gravity, the empty bag enters the waste bag collector, and is output after being squeezed.

When the entire stack of bags is unpacked, the roller conveyor line will automatically transport the empty pallets to the pallet collection mechanism to complete automatic collection and stacking.

Technical Specifications:

1) Processing capacity: about 400-600 (packs/hour, depending on material fluidity, etc.)

2) Clearance rate: about 99.9% (depending on material fluidity, etc.)

3)Complete machine power: about 15kw/380V

4) Compressed air: about 200L/minute/0.6Mpa

5) Equipment weight: about 3.5 tons

6) Equipment material: carbon steel (main body of equipment)/304 stainless steel (parts in direct contact with materials)

7) Note: Suitable for palletizing relatively flat granular materials.

The above technical parameters will vary due to different equipment specifications.

Layer-By-Layer Automatic Unpacking Machine


Step By Layer Automatic Charter Flight Composition

Layer-By-Layer Automatic Unpacking Machine Technical Parameters

Product Three Views:

Layer-By-Layer Automatic Unpacking Machine Product Three Views


Q:What are the technical features?


1) High integration: The equipment integrates the functions of automatic feeding, automatic depalletizing, automatic pallet collection and waste bag collection.

2) Intelligent control: PLC built-in program, adjustable unpacking speed, automatic fault alarm

3) Empty rate: about 99.9% empty rate, very little material remains in the empty bag;

4) Automatic collection of waste bags: Empty bags are automatically collected by the waste bag collector, squeezed out, and bagged.

5) Automatic collection of empty pallets: Empty pallets are automatically collected and stacked through the pallet collector.

6) Less bag debris: Compared with similar equipment, the amount of bag debris is less

Q:How to be safe and clean?


1) The lower hopper of the equipment can be equipped with a rotating material level device (optional). The material level device stops rotating and the equipment suspends operation until the material level device continues to rotate.

2) Exposed transmission components are mechanically protected, and all access doors and electrical cabinet doors can be locked for protection.

3) The equipment is equipped with grating protection to prevent personnel from entering the packet grabbing area of the unpacking machine.

The equipment control part adopts level 3 password protection to prevent misoperation by non-professionals.

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