Lithium Battery Recycling Solution

High efficiency, high safety and high environmental protection are the design criteria
StarsPlas lithium battery recycling line is designed with high efficiency, high safety and high environmental protection as its design criteria, and adopts a modular design concept to form a coupling of "discrete release points - in-situ cascade dissociation of organic matter - in-situ control of multi-component materials - directional dissociation" The processing technology solves the technical pain points in the industry such as incomplete separation of cathode powder and aluminum powder, low purity of copper powder, unrecoverable graphite powder, and insufficient electrolyte treatment.

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StarsPlas can customize the equipment for you according to your actual situation and requirements.

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Our original accessories and kits meet the highest quality expectations and a large inventory is sufficient to meet your needs.

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StarsPlas will provide high-quality training services with its own resource advantages and technical advantages.

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