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PET Bottle Granulation Line

PET Bottle Granulation Line Description:

PET bottle granulation line is a kind of equipment that can decompose waste PET bottles into granules, and then process them into other products.

PET bottle granulation line is composed of main motor, gear box, distribution box, barrel and screw, mold, vacuum calibrating tank and other supporting equipment. The main motor mainly provides power. The gearbox transmits power to the motor. Distribution boxes amplify power intensity and achieve uniformity. The twin-screw can reduce the viscosity index consumption of raw materials and increase the output. The PET bottle granulator is also equipped with a cooling tank to heat the screw properly.


PET bottle granulating line is suitable for waste materials that require high processing performance such as melting, volatilization, and filtration, and is mainly used for the recycling and granulation of PET bottles.

PET Bottle Granulation Line Application:


PET Bottle Granulating Line Features:

● Parallel twin-screw extruder: plasticizes the material and discharges the gas.
● High-efficiency forced feeder ensures stable large-capacity feeding and low power consumption.● Plastic standard cutter: Cut PET noodles into granules.
● High-speed screen changing system and die head: filter material impurities to make the PET bottle flake granulation line more stable.


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