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Plastic Recycling Line
Used for recycling of the used and waste plastic PE, PP,HDPE, LDPE material.It also can pelletize the crushing material after fitting with a loader.Which can cut the material according to the feeding speed of the extruder.

Key Components of Plastic Recycling line

Plastic Recycling Lines contain washing basins, crushing machine, agglomerator, drying unit, granule extruder and packaging unit.
Waste plastic recycling is recovery process of waste plastics and producing reusable raw material. Recycling of plastic starts by sorting waste material according to their resin types such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PET, PVC etc. Clean plastic waste can be melted and converted into pellets (granules) by using granule extruders.
Before extruding, a size reduction or densifying process might be necessary. This can be done by using crushing machines or agglomeration machines. Contaminated plastic material has to be washed and dried first.
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Waste PP PE Film Recycling Line

Plastic recycling line FAQ

The plastic cleaning and recycling production line is a process used to clean and recycle waste plastic. The process flow can be adjusted and optimized according to different factories and equipment. At the same time, the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development are also driving the continuous innovation and improvement of plastic recycling and reuse technology, in order to improve the plastic recycling rate and reduce the impact on the environment.
The process flow of the plastic cleaning and recycling production line consists of the following parts:
1. Raw material collection
2. Sorting and classification
3. Crushing and crushing
4. Cleaning
5. Flotation
6. Drying
7. Melting and granulation
8. Reprocessing and product production
9. Quality inspection and testing
10. Packaging and Shipping.

1. Horizontal unpacking machine: designed with a strong unpacking structure, suitable for increasingly sturdy PET bottle bricks, not afraid of film and wire;
2. Whole bottle hot washing system: effectively removes 80-90% of non shrink film labels and contaminants, promoting PVC discoloration for subsequent manual identification;
3. Reflux floating separator: 3 times the separation process of conventional equipment, separating bottle caps and labels, achieving good material cleaning and separation effect;
4. New hot washing system: Different from the design of traditional circular hot washing machines, it is suitable for increasingly thinner PET bottle sheets. During the cleaning process, there is enough time to fully rub and clean the bottle sheets, while avoiding excessive scratches on the surface of PET bottle sheets and reducing alkali residue;
5. Fine washing unit: Effectively remove the melted glue during the hot washing process.

The maintenance of the plastic recycling production line is very important to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.
Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the equipment to ensure that all parts are working properly, and promptly detect and correct any faults.
Cleaning: Regularly clean the equipment to prevent accumulated dust, oil, and other impurities from causing damage to the equipment.
Lubrication: Regularly lubricate the lubrication parts of the equipment to ensure its normal operation.
Maintenance: Regular maintenance of equipment, such as replacing worn parts, adjusting equipment, etc.
Electrical system: Regularly inspect the electrical system to ensure proper electrical connections and safety.
Record: Establish a record system to record the maintenance, upkeep, and repair status of equipment, in order to keep track of its condition at all times.

1. High automation level, which can effectively reduce labor costs (especially for three shifts) and ensure a high output of 200-2000 kilograms per hour
2. Humanized control system, with clear control interface, convenient operation and detection, capable of emergency parking and responding to emergency situations.
3. All areas in contact with plastic and water are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure no pollution to the bottle pieces. The crusher blades are forged with special alloys, which are durable and equipped with a knife grinder.

The film crushing and cleaning line is a specially designed integrated crushing, cleaning, and granulation solution for waste plastics. This equipment is suitable for the crushing, cleaning, separation, drying, and granulation of waste materials such as films, waste packaging plastics, household waste plastics, waste agricultural films, industrial packaging films, industrial waste films, PET bottles, etc. with varying degrees of pollution. The cleaned film can be used for reheating, injection molding, and film blowing. Turn waste into recyclable raw materials.
1、 Pre shredding
To reduce the volume of the material, it is necessary to break the waste plastic into small pieces for easy cleaning in the next step. The twin roll Paper shredder is specially designed for film, which is easy to wind. They have the characteristics of medium speed and low noise. It can meet the recycling requirements of various industries' waste.
2、 Friction cleaning, precipitation separation of impurities
Clean crushed materials containing impurities to meet recycling requirements. A friction type cleaning machine designed specifically for film cleaning can effectively clean impurities. Then, the cleaned material is sent to the sedimentation tank for separation. The cleaning process saves a lot of manpower and achieves continuous automated production.
3、 Squeeze dry
The squeeze dryer adopts centrifugal dehydration, spiral squeeze drying, and high-temperature hot air drying technology to strictly control the water content of the finished film within 5%.
4、 Crushing Crush the dried material with a grinder and screen it with a mesh to obtain a uniformly sized sheet-like film.
5、 Granulation
The crushed sheet-like film is compressed into plastic particles through the extrusion system of the granulator. That's how plastic particles are made.

The waste PE film recycling and cleaning line equipment is mainly used for the recycling, cleaning, crushing, regeneration and granulation of waste plastics such as PE film, agricultural film, plastic film, and greenhouse film. According to customer requirements, the entire production line can be designed and produced from the collection, classification, crushing, cleaning, to regeneration and granulation of waste plastics.
Its working principle is to crush the plastic film and then clean and dry it. Production granulation systems can also be equipped according to customer requirements.
The entire system adopts automated control throughout the entire line, with interconnected operations between each unit of the system. It maximizes production capacity while also having a predictive function for possible abnormal situations, ensuring system safety to a large extent.

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