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PET Washing Line Description:

Our PET Washing Line is a state-of-the-art solution designed to clean and process PET materials efficiently. It plays a crucial role in recycling and repurposing PET waste, contributing to environmental conservation. With customizable options, it meets the diverse needs of various industries.

PET Washing Recycling Line Specifications:

Bale Breaker

Technical Data
Function: open the compressed bale
Rubber belt motor: 2.2KW,frequency control
Basic material of belt: Rubber,
Motor power:5.5KW+5.5KW

Belt Conveyor

Technical Data
PVC Belt with carbon steel frame
Width: 1000mm
Motor power: 2.2kw


Technical Data
700Gaus magnet


Basis material: Galvanized carbon steel
Frame: Carbon steel
Diameter of barrel : 1500mm
Length : 4500mm
Motor power: 5.5KW
The hole diameter:50mm

Bottle Wash

Function: bottle washing, remove small size impurity, decrease the working pressure for down stream
Diameter: 1500mm
Length: 6000mm
Motor power: 7.5kw
Power of screw: 2.2KW

Vibration screen water filtration system

Water pump: 1.1kw
Vibrator: 1.1kw

Screw Loader

Diameter: 500mm
Motor: 7.5kw

1T Label Remover

Motor power:15kw
Suction fan:5.5kw
Rotary blade:42 sets
Stator blade:45 sets

Manual Sorting

Width of belt: 1000mm
Basic material of belt: PVC
Dimension: 8000 x 1000 mm
Motor power: 3KW

Screw Loader

Screw dia.:310mm
Barrel and screw all SS304
Motor power:4kw

Sink Float

Length:6800mm (including screw loader)
Top wheel qty:4pcs Motor:0.75kw*2
Screw loader:310mm Motor power:4kw
Tank body SS304
All frame and platform carbon steel

Hot Washer

Motor power: 5.5KW
Volume of hot chamber≈4.07 m3
Outer layer: Carbon steel
Inner layer: stainless steel
Middle layer: rock wool for insulation
Caustic soda percentage:1-2%
Temperature of hot water:70-90 centigrade
Non-stop flakes feeding and loading out

Spray Washer

Motor power: 4KW
Diameter of screw: 250mm
Material used SS304

Dust Separator

Double cavity
Motor power of loading blower: 5.5KW

General information

Raw material Post-consumer PET bottles PET
Final product & Output capacity PET bottle flakes / 2000kg/h
Machine color Standard color: Blue and Grey
Description of final product Moisture: ≤0.9%
IV: our line doesn’t change the Intrinsic viscosity
Bulk density: 0.3G/CM3
Total impurity: ≤250ppm
Metal content: ≤20ppm
PE/PP content PE/PP: ≤20ppm
Paper: ≤20ppm
glue/hot melt: ≤20ppm
organic and in-organic: ≤20ppm
PVC: ≤150ppm
Particle sizex: 10-14mm
If adopt Optical sorter:
Total impurity:≤100ppm
PVC : ≤50ppm
If over 90% of the raw material is PET bottle, total impurity can reach ≤50ppm.

Service guarantee

Custom Design

StarsPlas can customize the equipment for you according to your actual situation and requirements.

Accessories Supply

Our original accessories and kits meet the highest quality expectations and a large inventory is sufficient to meet your needs.

Customer Training

StarsPlas will provide high-quality training services with its own resource advantages and technical advantages.

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