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Waste Film Recycling Washing Line Description:

    Waste film recycling washing line is developed and manufactured by STARSPLAS, and is widely used in waste plastic PE/LDPE/LLDPE film, PP woven bags, PP ton bags, etc. The waste film recycling washing line is suitable for washing various films and woven bags with an impurity content of up to 80%. The waste and dirty materials go through the processes of crushing, friction washing, washing, dehydration, hot air drying, etc., and become clean flakes for the granulator.


The Characteristics of Waste Film Recycling Washing Line:

1. The high-speed centrifugal washing system exerts corresponding impact force on different materials at a suitable speed to achieve the cleaning effect.
2. The dehydrator, squeeze dryer and hot air drying system strictly control the moisture content of the finished product within 5%, which is suitable for high-quality granulation requirements.
3. Waste film recycling line can show “L” or “U” shape according to customer’s workshop.
4. STARSPLAS can also customize plastic film washing line components according to customer’s material and product requirements.

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